Support Baytown Christian Academy

To advance Baytown Christian Academy’s goal to provide its students with the best resources, BCA relies on support from families, alumni and faculty/staff along with friends throughout the greater Baytown and surrounding communities. There are various types of support – volunteerism, donations, and school promotions.  These efforts are coordinated by the school to effectively represent BCA and to serve its constituencies.  Annual giving, scholarships, capital giving combined with other forms of giving and public recognition makes BCA an attractive and affordable option.

Why Does Baytown Christian Academy Depend on support?

Unlike public schools, private independent schools operate without financial support from the local tax base or from state or national governments. Therefore, BCA relies on annual contributions, tuition and other income to meet its operating costs and to bridge the gap between tuition and the actual cost of a BCA education. Current tuition average is $5,509 while the cost to educate each student is approximately $7,557.

Donations designated to specific individuals are not tax deductible. Tax-deductible gifts to the Baytown Christian Academy endowment or for unrestricted financial aid are appreciated and will be disbursed by the Financial Aid Committee.

Capital Giving
Baytown Christian Academy is actively engaged raising funds to complete the school’s campus master plan.  Capital giving provides donors the opportunity to extend their values and preserve their interest while meeting their needs. As in all areas of giving, donors’ interests are central to this process.

The support of each family is crucial as fundraisers are an integral part of funding for each child's education.  Throughout the year, BCA promotes several fundraisers.